Welcome to digital dream arts - the art work of Tod Wallace.

This site is primarily about the car as an art form. Cars are a combination of graceful curves, and eye-appealing precision, not to mention the emotion these vehicles stir in anyone who is a car nut. Many of the cars shown are 'show cars' with hundreds, if not thousands of hours poured into them by their owners. Just sitting there they are an art form, but their elegance immortalized is another way of paying homage to these classics.

Mr. Wallace has been working in traditional forms of art for many years. Several years ago his art and his passion for cars merged. The result is the artwork you see here. Tod is not locked into one style of art.

The 'Precision Series' shows off cars, trucks, and motorcycles in a vibrant and detailed representation of the vehicles.

The 'Artistry Series' is more what some might expect to see in a painterly style – but still 'primarily' focused on the automobile.

The 'Traditional Series' highlights the cars in a black and white image.

The 'Mastery Series' shows off traditional art, subject matter that is not related to the automobile.

All of this artwork is available for purchase, these are original signed pieces. He works from a photograph of the vehicle. The background can be anything, a place, a memory, or 'as is' –( how the vehicle was photographed). The artwork starts as a sketch of the vehicle, then a series of "color" tests are performed. The linework is then finished, and color layered in for a vibrant look, or nostalgia feel. When the car is done the background is either added or created, to create a unique piece of art.

Please enjoy the site. Come back often as there will be new work up. Also if you have a car you want to have represented in art form – contact Tod directly.

To see the newest artwork by Todd, Click Here to go to his blog.